We make technology help you reaching new heights.

At MachinaLabs, we help you to become unbeatable on
the blockchain and in the digital asset trading industry.
Based on our unmatched framework MachinaCore, we
build highly efficient, fully integrated and tailormade
solutions for your needs.


Our solutions are rocket fuel for your blockchain ideas, with a focus on security, efficiency and speed.


Build on infrastructure that sets the standard, by leveraging our industry expertise and highly efficient framework.


Generate Market Alpha using unparalleled tools for your data analytics.

Built from the ground: The only IT framework you need.

MachinaCore is an ultra-lean, platform independent, highly-scalable framework to construct and dispatch high-performance data analytics and heavy computing workload applications.
It is built with cutting-edge technology and is based on standardized modules, based on .Net. MachinaCore comes with its own Software Distribution & Packaging System, as well as the industry standard Data Science and Machine Learning related Python libraries. MachinaLabs focuses on leveraging the capabilities of best of breed technologies

Unifying Ecosystem.
Intelligent. Scalable. Fast

Your intelligent Platform for Data Analytics and Automated Trading

The MachinaTrader platform is a SaaS ecosystem for developing, selling and executing trading algorithms, with a focus but not limited to crypto assets, targeting institutional traders and private individuals.

Our social platform makes information “analyzable and tradable” for everyone. This means that social contributions, interactions, emotional expressions and technical data will be extracted, aggregated, analyzed and monetized by packaging it as products on our marketplace in form of trading algorithms, signals or trading indicators.

Whether you are a novice trader, a strategy developer or a big institutional organization, we offer an all-in-one package, that is easy to use and that leaves nothing to be desired

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