We make technology help you reach new heights.

At MachinaLabs, we’re transforming the landscape of financial decision-making and trading. Our innovative solutions leverage cutting-edge technology to provide advanced analytics, automation, and insights, empowering users to make smarter decisions and achieve greater success in the fast-paced world of finance.

Revolutionize Financial Decision-Making.

In the fast-paced world of financial markets, having timely and accurate information is crucial for making strategic decisions. MachinaNewsAI offers a groundbreaking solution by providing advanced financial news and statistical analysis. Our platform goes beyond traditional quantitative analysis, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, event detection, and risk analysis.

Search & Analytics

MachinaNewsAI offers more than just news aggregation. Users can access a vast database of financial news, analyzed and contextualized with AI-driven insights. This enables tracking market-moving events, understanding sentiment, historical impact, and predicting potential market outcomes.

Finance Globe

Users can immerse themselves in market trends and filter data by regions, industries, and other categories, gaining targeted insights. It serves as a panoramic window into the financial world, delivering a sentiment-driven understanding and giving users a strategic advantage in navigating market complexities.

Visual Editor

Our Visual Workflow Editor empowers seamless workflow automation, enabling the creation of predictive algorithms, deployment of AI agents, and other actionable items. This efficiency boost transforms complex tasks into operations, driving smarter decision-making and enhancing operational agility.

Powering Your Trading Success.

MachinaTrader, combines advanced algorithms, machine learning, and intuitive tools to empower traders of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, MachinaTrader provides the insights and tools you need to make informed trading decisions and maximize your profits. Explore the world of automated trading, harness the power of data-driven strategies, and take control of your trading journey.

Advanced Algorithmic Trading

Experience MachinaTrader’s cutting-edge algorithmic trading capabilities. Our script editor caters to professionals, while the intuitive new generation visual editor ensures accessibility for all.

Customizable Strategies

Tailor your trading strategies to match your unique preferences and risk tolerance. From backtesting to live trading, MachinaTrader offers a comprehensive framework to develop and deploy your personalized strategies.

Integrated Market Data

Access real-time market data, news, and updates from leading exchanges, all within the MachinaTrader platform. Stay informed about the latest developments and seize profitable opportunities as they arise.


Our goal is to enable the investor with a single tool with which she can specify any thought (ideally using natural language) to the point of making it operable in decision rules, ingesting all required information elements and validating it (historic backtests and live simulations). Ultimately, no thought happens in a social vacuum: Successful algos can be licensed on our community Marketplace, for free or against a fee.


We provide the SaaS-platform and technical framework to seamlessly integrate all necessary workflows from information ingestion to formulation and testing of algos and from there, finally, order generation and delivery – all in an open, secure and scalable system working on the hardware of your choice.


No matter the asset class (crypto, traditional) and time horizon (high frequency vs. long-term investing), successful investing is about disciplined, but adaptable methodologies and rules. Therefore, algorithmic trading (algo for short) is eating the world of investing, just like software is eating the world in general, as per Marc Andreessen‘s famous dictum.

Built from the ground.

MachinaCore is an ultra-lean, platform independent, highly-scalable framework to construct and dispatch high-performance data analytics and heavy computing workload applications.

It is built with cutting-edge technology and is based on standardized modules, based on .Net. MachinaCore comes with its own Software Distribution & Packaging System, as well as the industry standard Data Science and Machine Learning related Python libraries. MachinaLabs focuses on leveraging the capabilities of best of breed technologies.

Unifying Ecosystem. Intelligent, scalable, fast.

About us.

MachinaLabs is a dynamic startup focused on revolutionizing the trading industry. Our team of experts combines extensive experience in finance, technology, and data science to develop innovative solutions that empower traders worldwide.

At MachinaLabs, our mission is to level the playing field in trading by providing accessible and powerful tools to traders of all backgrounds. We strive to democratize the trading industry and enable individuals to achieve their financial goals through cutting-edge technology and reliable support.


Thierry’s career began with entrepreneurial undertakings in website development during his teenage years, setting the stage for a robust foundation in IT and systems architecture. His expertise has been shaped by significant roles in leading global medical and technology companies, where he managed complex systems and datacenter operations. With a transition into blockchain technology in 2015, Thierry now stands at the forefront of financial technology, innovating in trading technologies and turning complex data into actionable, automated insights.
Thiemo is a highly accomplished technology leader with over 20 years of expertise. As a skilled Full Stack Developer, he has led groundbreaking projects, seamlessly integrating complex software solutions and infrastructure. Thiemo’s proficiency spans a wide range of programming languages and trading systems, solidifying his pivotal role in driving innovation and shaping the future of the fintech industry.
Renato brings extensive experience in the financial and insurance sectors, having worked for major corporations in Switzerland. He has honed his skills in developing software and eCommerce platforms, considering new technologies to reach optimal solutions. With substantial experience in project/product management and business analysis, Renato values close collaboration with customers. He holds a master’s degree in Business Information Systems, combining academic knowledge with industry expertise to deliver impactful solutions .

Mathias Alge
CBO, Co-Founder

Mathias has amassed substantial experience in publishing prior to transitioning into the advertising industry. As a junior art director, he developed designs for a diverse clientele, including a major retailer in Switzerland. Over the past twenty years, he has co-owned an advertising and design agency based in Basel, serving clients in the financial sector and beyond. His areas of expertise include traditional advertising and communication, direct marketing, corporate identity, and branding.
David, an excellent autodidact, began his journey in traditional trading as a teenager. Since 2018, he has immersed himself in the world of cryptocurrency. Alongside trading various currencies, he has gained expertise in mining. Shortly afterward, he ventured into developing automated trading strategies. At MachinaLabs, he contributes to almost all areas of product development and administration.
Victor holds a BSc in Mathematics and is currently enrolled in the Master’s program in Data Science at the University of Basel. Having several years of experience trading in financial markets, and being an avid chess enthusiast, he is always excited about finding and solving patterns. He leads innovation at MachinaLabs, developing solutions with Large Language Models for Natural Language Processing, translating complex datasets into actionable insights and pioneering applications that enhance people’s interaction with data.
Ben (bsc hon, psych) started in the Web 3 and fintech industry in 2018 after a decade of working in various roles in UK Banking ops and compliance. After some time off to complete a second degree (in Nursing) he moved into fintech consultancy. His 1st publication NFT Radar, started in 2020, after 1 year it was in the top 3 specialist NFT publications worldwide. Due to market conditions, and after a re structure, he co-founded Bullish Times and Bullish Labs Ltd. Providing specialist blockchain and fintech news and consultancy services. For MachinaLabs Ben oversees Marketing activities and community management.
“Glitch” brings 15+ years of global experience in networking, marketing, and business development. As a former business development manager for a top 25 global exchange, Cairo has a proven track record. In 2021, he founded MAXFLEX, advising startups globally. In 2023, Cairo co-founded Bullish Times and BullishLabs Ltd. His expertise includes driving growth, enhancing brand visibility, and creating opportunities. At MachinaLabs, Cairo co-manages Marketing and Community.


LPA offers solutions that transform companies into competitive players in the complex and dynamic capital market industry. They provide document and workflow automation technology tailored for financial institutions, including pre-configured software for OTC derivatives, structured products, complex contracts, and asset management. They provide advice on individual market situations, uncover opportunities, and support companies in strategically implementing new solutions.
Synpulse, a global management consulting company and trusted partner to financial services providers, solves major challenges and helps businesses adapt to the new economy. They transform the financial services industry, providing solutions from strategy to implementation. Synpulse’s team of strategists, innovators, technologists, and experts collaborate globally to identify opportunities and deliver tangible results. Their team of experts collaborates worldwide to deliver results.
The CVJ editorial team consists of crypto experts, active in different subject to crypto and blockchain technology. In cooperation with selected authors, CVJ. CH provides a high-quality resource concerning distributed ledger technology. Independent and up-to-date reporting according to journalistic standards as well as educational content around the topic blockchain, rounds off the offer.
SYGNAL aggregates millions of buy/sell trading signals for thousands of financial instruments, all sourced from world-class hedge funds and professional quant managers. With the signals from Sygnal.ai and the technology from MachinaLabs, we are jointly developing AI-supported trading strategies for MachinaTrader.
OVHcloud is a leading cloud provider in Europe, serving clients in 140 countries. Their eco-friendly approach and cost-effective solutions align perfectly with our goals at MachinaLabs. Through this collaboration, we’re joining the OVHcloud Startup Program, gaining access to cloud credits and technical support.

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