We make technology help you reaching new heights.

At MachinaLabs, we’re passionate about developing cutting-edge solutions for traders. Our flagship platform, MachinaTrader, combines advanced algorithms, machine learning, and intuitive tools to empower traders of all skill levels.

Powering Your Trading Success with MachinaTrader

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, MachinaTrader provides the insights and tools you need to make informed trading decisions and maximize your profits. Explore the world of automated trading, harness the power of data-driven strategies, and take control of your trading journey with MachinaTrader.

Advanced Algorithmic Trading

Experience MachinaTrader’s cutting-edge algorithmic trading capabilities. Our script editor caters to professionals, while the intuitive new generation visual editor ensures accessibility for all.

Customizable Strategies

Tailor your trading strategies to match your unique preferences and risk tolerance. From backtesting to live trading, MachinaTrader offers a comprehensive framework to develop and deploy your personalized strategies.

Integrated Market Data

Access real-time market data, news, and updates from leading exchanges, all within the MachinaTrader platform. Stay informed about the latest developments and seize profitable opportunities as they arise.

Built from the ground.

MachinaCore is an ultra-lean, platform independent, highly-scalable framework to construct and dispatch high-performance data analytics and heavy computing workload applications.

It is built with cutting-edge technology and is based on standardized modules, based on .Net. MachinaCore comes with its own Software Distribution & Packaging System, as well as the industry standard Data Science and Machine Learning related Python libraries. MachinaLabs focuses on leveraging the capabilities of best of breed technologies.

Unifying Ecosystem.
Intelligent. Scalable. Fast

About us

MachinaLabs is a dynamic startup focused on revolutionizing the trading industry. Our team of experts combines extensive experience in finance, technology, and data science to develop innovative solutions that empower traders worldwide.

At MachinaLabs, our mission is to level the playing field in trading by providing accessible and powerful tools to traders of all backgrounds. We strive to democratize the trading industry and enable individuals to achieve their financial goals through cutting-edge technology and reliable support.


Thierry’s career began with entrepreneurial undertakings in website development during his teenage years, setting the stage for a robust foundation in IT and systems architecture. His expertise has been shaped by significant roles in leading global medical and technology companies, where he managed complex systems and datacenter operations. With a transition into blockchain technology in 2015, Thierry now stands at the forefront of financial technology, innovating in trading technologies and turning complex data into actionable, automated insights.
Thiemo is a highly accomplished technology leader with over 20 years of expertise. As a skilled Full Stack Developer, he has led groundbreaking projects, seamlessly integrating complex software solutions and infrastructure. Thiemo’s proficiency spans a wide range of programming languages and trading systems, solidifying his pivotal role in driving innovation and shaping the future of the fintech industry.
Renato brings extensive experience in the financial and insurance sectors, having worked for major corporations in Switzerland. He has honed his skills in developing software and eCommerce platforms, considering new technologies to reach optimal solutions. With substantial experience in project/product management and business analysis, Renato values close collaboration with customers. He holds a master’s degree in Business Information Systems, combining academic knowledge with industry expertise to deliver impactful solutions .

Mathias Alge
CBO, Co-Founder

Mathias has amassed substantial experience in publishing prior to transitioning into the advertising industry. As a junior art director, he developed designs for a diverse clientele, including a major retailer in Switzerland. Over the past twenty years, he has co-owned an advertising and design agency based in Basel, serving clients in the financial sector and beyond. His areas of expertise include traditional advertising and communication, direct marketing, corporate identity, and branding.
David, an excellent autodidact, began his journey in traditional trading as a teenager. Since 2018, he has immersed himself in the world of cryptocurrency. Alongside trading various currencies, he has gained expertise in mining. Shortly afterward, he ventured into developing automated trading strategies. At MachinaLabs, he contributes to almost all areas of product development and administration.
Victor holds a BSc in Mathematics and is currently enrolled in the Master’s program in Data Science at the University of Basel. Having several years of experience trading in financial markets, and being an avid chess enthusiast, he is always excited about finding and solving patterns. He leads innovation at MachinaLabs, developing solutions with Large Language Models for Natural Language Processing, translating complex datasets into actionable insights and pioneering applications that enhance people’s interaction with data.
Benedict “Ben” Maund co-founded BullishTimes, delivering insights on cryptocurrency and Web3. He founded NFTRadar, a key NFT resource, and manages various crypto communities. Starting in 2018, his work included promoting ICOs and NFT startups. At MachinaLabs, he directs marketing and community management, applying his extensive crypto experience. At MachinaLabs, Ben is in charge of Marketing activities and Community Management.

Cairo is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of diverse international experience. He has collaborated with leading companies specializing in networking, marketing & business development. In his previous roles he opened strategic doors to invaluable business opportunities and networking avenues for startups across different regions. His areas of expertise include: driving business growth, enhancing brand visibility & cultivating new business opportunities. At MachinaLabs, Cairo is in the Marketing and Community team.


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